Developmental Preschool Program

The Developmental Preschool Program addresses the needs of children three through five years of age. Eligibility is determined through a developmental evaluation process which includes hearing and vision screenings. Parents collaborating with professionals develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP includes:

  • strengths and concerns of the child,
  • goals for the child,
  • how often, where, and who will provide these services, and
  • modifications and/or accommodations the child may need in order to be successful in education.

Developmental Preschool Program services are generally delivered through two mechanisms. Services by an early childhood special education teacher, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapist, or physical therapist may be provided directly to a child. These specialists also consult with the child's family, and if applicable, with other child care providers. Services may also be provided indirectly through a consultative model. This consultation also occurs with the family and other child care providers. Generally services are provided through a traditional school calendar year. Extended school year services are provided when deemed necessary by the IEP Team. An emphasis is placed on providing services whenever possible in settings which include children without developmental delays. During a child's pre-kindergarten year, a transition plan is developed by the parents, STRIDE Learning Center staff, and representatives from the receiving school This process is designed to ensure a smooth transition without a delay in IEP services. All developmental preschool services are provided without cost to the family.